Student Accessibility Services

Submitting an Accessibility Accommodation Request

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) utilizes Accommodate, an online system which enables students to submit accessibility requests, view and electronically sign their approved accommodations, schedule meetings with SAS staff members, and request changes to their access plans. SAS has created individual instructional guides on how to access each aspect of Accommodate.

Getting Connected with SAS

To begin the process of connecting with SAS, you should complete the Accessibility Accommodation Request within Accommodate. Follow the steps below to submit to a request for academic, housing, and/or dining accommodations:

Step 1. Access the Student Interface of Accommodate and log in by utilizing your UNI CatID.

Step 2. Open the Accessibility Accommodation Request.

  • Select  "Accessibility Request" under the Accommodation tab or "Request Accommodation" in the Shortcuts section of the Home Page to open the Accessibility Accommodation Request.
  • When you open the Accessibility Accommodation Request, the form will automatically input your demographic information (e.g., UNI Student ID Number, name, email address, phone number, etc.).

Step 3. Complete the Accessibility Accommodation Request.

  • Complete the Accessibility Accommodation Request by filling out each of the sections listed on the form.
  • After you review your accommodation request, select "Submit" at the bottom of the form.
  • A message will appear at the top of the form stating your Accessibility Accommodation Request has been successfully submitted to SAS.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with additional information regarding the process of requesting accommodations through SAS upon submission of your request.
  • To make changes to your request, select "Edit" at the top of the request form.

In order to expedite the accommodation process, SAS recommends that you include any supporting documentation with your Accessibility Accommodation Request. To upload the documentation:

  • Select "+Add Item" at the bottom of the form. Once you select "+Add Item," a box titled "Document Information will appear.
  • Provide a title and any additional information for the document in the respective sections.
  • Select "Choose File" and then the specific file from your computer to upload the document to the Accessibility Accommodation Request.

You can utilize the following guide on applying for accommodations for additional support on completing the Accessibility Accommodation Request in Accommodate.

Video Demonstration of How to Apply for Accommodations

Accommodate Guide - Applying for Accommodations (PDF)
Accommodate Guide - Applying for Accommodations (Word)