SAS Testing Accommodations

Students utilize accommodations for a variety of reasons and testing accommodations are no different.  Students utilizing Student Accessibility Services Testing might require a testing environment with few or negligible sensory distractions, utilize extended testing time, utilize assistive technology, access tests/quizzes in a different format, among many other reasons.

Gilchrist Hall front entrance with flowers.

Step 2: Check Your Email!

Students will receive an email confirming that SAS Testing has received your testing appointment request.  However, the appointment is not approved immediately upon receipt.

Students will receive an email if their testing appointment request is approved or declined.

  • If the requested appointment is approved, faculty will receive an email notifying them of the Student Name and ID, Scheduled Date/Time, and the Course Title.
  • The email also has a link to a form which will prompt instructors to attach the test and relevant materials.

Step 3: Take Your Test!

  1. Arrive 10 minutes early to Gilchrist Hall.
  2. Check-In with SAS Testing staff in Gilchrist Hall 011.
  3. Provide all personal items to the SAS Testing staff.
    • This includes: bulky clothing like winter coats, cell phones (shut off first), other electronic devices, bags, purses, etc.
    • Outside of writing utensils, there are no outside materials allowed unless approved.
  4. SAS Testing staff will get your test or quiz and related materials and then take you to your accommodated testing location.
  5. Once the test is complete, SAS Testing staff will email the completed test or quiz to your faculty.