Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) believes that disability is a naturally occurring aspect of humanity's diversity and is an integral part of society and this University.  We believe in working collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to provide accessible and equitable opportunities for all students.  

SAS works with individuals to determine appropriate accommodations (type and level) for the Academic and Campus Experience as well as determining accommodations for University Housing & Dining.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to connect with SAS to begin the individualized process of determining reasonable accommodations, based on the nature of the disability and the academic or living environment. The student's past accommodations history, personal narrative and supporting documentation related to their disability are taken into consideration when making accommodation determinations.

Faculty Office hours

In an attempt to better serve faculty and students, SAS staff will be holding regular office hours each week designated as a time to engage with faculty via email, phone (319-273-2332), zoom, or in-person meetings (Gilchrist Hall 118) regarding the implementation of accommodations.  

Spring 2024 Office Hours

Tuesday9:00 - 10:00
Wednesday1:00 - 2:00
Thursday11:00 - 12:00

Student Accessibility Services Testing

Students will request a test appointment with Student Accessibility Services through Accommodate.

  • Students will receive an email confirming the approved/declined request.

Please note that the student may have a class schedule that conflicts with the ability to take an extended time test at the same time as the scheduled course, they can schedule at an alternative time (not before the test date and time) that allows them the full testing time.

Faculty will receive an email notifying them of the Student Name and ID, Scheduled Date/Time, and the Course Title when a student's testing appointment request is approved.

  • The email also has a link to the SAS Testing Accommodations Faculty Form which will prompt instructors to attach the test and relevant materials.

* If SAS Testing Accommodations staff have not received a test at the time of the student’s scheduled appointment, the student will be permitted to reschedule the test to a later date based on their schedule.