Priority Sidewalk Route

Collaboration between Facilities Management, Student Accessibility Services, University Housing & Dining, OCEM, Information Technology and students, over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year, resulted in the identification of a Priority Sidewalk Route. 

An accessible map is currently in development. 

Accessible Route Directions

This route identifies direct paths through the heart of the University of Northern Iowa campus that we endeavor to maintain at a higher level, with minimal grade changes, and allow an individual to easily seek shelter should they encounter inclement weather (rain, extreme heat, snow, wind) year round.  

There are several individual stretches of the sidewalk route that may be helpful, including (but not limited to): 

North and south routes:

  • From the Panther Village main entrance, going north in between Noehren and Shull, through Redeker Center, continuing to the north outside of Redecker Center to where the sidewalk splits, heading northeast towards 27th street. 
  • From the Student Health Center east entrance, or the Lawther west entrance, headed directly south in front of Schindler Education Center, West Gym, West Gym A Parking Lot, and running to the east of the Minnesota Street Parking. 

West and east routes: 

  • From the sidewalk on the south side of 27th street, where 27th street curves into Minnesota Street, the sidewalk runs east west, all the way to Campus street.
  • From the east side of the Kamerick Arts building headed directly east, past the north side of Strayer-Wood Theatre, past the north side of Russell Hall, across Minnesota Street, past the north side of Curris Business Building, utilizing the sidewalk south of Rod Library and north of the Baker lot, following the sidewalk north of Wright Hall. 

Snow Removal Process and Priorities

During the winter season, Facilities Management will continue to remove ice and snow from all campus walkways, entrances and other pedestrian thoroughfares. The Priority Sidewalk Route will receive additional attention, intended to increase accessibility across campus during the winter season. Additional attention includes:

  • Clearing approximately a half hour before the start of classes for that particular day
  • Additional attention during the business day
  • Clearing before the end of the business day

More detailed information related to Facilities Management’s practices snow removal practices can be found online. 

Immediate concerns regarding snow and ice removal should be reported directly to Grounds Services by calling (319) 273-4400.

Students in need of assistance accessing the map, understanding the priority route, or in need of a more detailed description, are encouraged to reach out to Student Accessibility Services (319-273-2332,