Student Accessibility Services


To request interpreter/transcription services for classroom purposes:

1. Request services as soon as possible. We encourage students to meet with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) once you have chosen to attend the University of Northern Iowa.

2. Students must first register with SAS and meet with Student Accessibility Services before classroom services can be initiated. Interpreters will not be scheduled until a student has completed their course registration, however it is important to make SAS aware of any potential needs as soon as possible. Students who will need an interpreter will be given priority registration in future semesters.

3. Inform SAS of preference for interpreting and interpreting needs (oral, ASL or PSE), transcription or real time captioning. Additionally, if you have interpreting needs for programs/services outside of the classroom, you are expected to request interpreting service with each individual program or department. SAS staff can assist you with making this connection, but it is the responsibility of the student to give advance notice to all parties of the needed accommodation. 

4. Provide Interpreter/Transcriber Coordinator with requested class schedule as soon as you register for classes. Please report any changes in daily or weekly class schedules as soon as possible.

5. Inform the Interpreter/Transcriber Coordinator when interpreting/real time captioning/transcription services will not be needed or if you will be arriving late to a class or scheduled appointment. An Interpreter/Transcriber will wait twenty minutes before leaving a class or an appointment. 

6. Student Accessibility Services can not guarantee a particular Interpreter, but we will do our best to meet your request. If you develop a good rapport with a particular Interpreter or Transcriber and would like to continue working together, you should contact Student Accessibility Services with this request.

7. Interpreters and Transcribers will not provide transportation for students.