Student Accessibility Services

Requesting an Appointment

General Information

You can request meetings with SAS staff members to request changes to you access plan, discuss any accommodation concerns, and receive assistive technology support. Follow the steps below to request an appointment:

Step 1. Open a new appointment request within Accommodate.
Select the "Appointment" tab and "Request New Appointment" at the bottom of the page.

Step 2. Determine the type, date, and time of the requested appointment.
Select a type of appointment from the drop-down menu along with a date and time range and the location. Available appointments will be listed as "Open Slot."

Step 3. Request a specific appointment from the available list.
Select the "Open Slot" next to the time under the given date of the appointment. A window will open to confirm the selected appointment information. Select "Submit Request."

You can utilize the following guide on requesting an appointment in Accommodate for additional support.

Video Demonstration of How to Set Up an Appointment with SAS

Accommodate Guide - Requesting an Appointment (PDF)
Accommodate Guide - Requesting an Appointment (Word)

Appointment Types

Students are able to request meetings with SAS staff based on where they are at in the accommodation process and the nature of the situation.

Accessibility Consultation: This appointment is the initial meeting with SAS staff after submitting an Accessibility Accommodation Request for academic accommodations. During this appointment, you will discuss with SAS staff your accommodation history and accessibility needs within the educational environment at UNI. SAS staff will review the support available through our office. 

Access Plan Changes: During this appointment, you will discuss with SAS staff any changes, including additional accommodations, you want to request for your existing access plan. 

Accommodation Concerns: During this appointment, you will discuss with SAS staff any concerns or issues you are experiencing with your approved accommodations and how they are being implemented in your courses. 

Assistive Technology Support: During this appointment, SAS staff will assist you in understanding and operating technology which has been provided to you by our office. 

Course Substitution Support: During this appointment, SAS staff will discuss with you the process of requesting a substitution of a required course for another as it relates to accessibility through the Academic Student Request process. 

Standardized Testing Support: During this appointment, SAS staff will discuss with you the process of requesting accommodations on a standardized test (GRE, Praxis, etc.).

Other: If you would like to discuss a concern or issue which does not fit any of the above descriptions, please schedule an “Other” appointment and provide details on the nature of the situation in the appointment request.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the kind of appointment you should schedule, please contact SAS at (319)-273-2677 Relay 711,, or GIL 118.

Appointment Location Information

Students have the option to request a Zoom meeting, phone call, or in-person appointment.

Zoom Meeting

SAS staff will meet with you through a Zoom meeting. Please follow these steps to prepare for your appointment:

Step 1. Sign up for Zoom and download the application on your computer/laptop or smartphone prior to your appointment. Additional information and instructions on Zoom are available on the IT website.

Step 2. At least 5 minutes in advance of your appointment, join the meeting at and enter the Meeting ID and Password for the respective SAS staff as provided in your appointment approval and reminder emails.

Step 3. SAS staff will invite you into the meeting from the "Waiting Room" in Zoom at the designated time.

Phone Call

SAS staff will call you at the number you provided upon scheduling the appointment at the designated time.

In-Person Appointment

Please check-in at the front reception desk at the time of your scheduled appointment. SAS staff will be notified of your arrival and come to greet you at the front before walking back with you to their office.