Student Accessibility Services

Requesting an Appointment

You can request meetings with SAS staff members to request changes to you access plan, discuss any accommodation concerns, and receive assistive technology support. Follow the steps below to request an appointment:

Step 1. Open a new appointment request within Accommodate.
Select the "Appointment" tab and "Request New Appointment" at the bottom of the page.

Step 2. Determine the type, date, and time of the requested appointment.
Select a type of appointment from the drop-down menu along with a date and time range and the location. Available appointments will be listed as "Open Slot."

Step 3. Request a specific appointment from the available list.
Select the "Open Slot" next to the time under the given date of the appointment. A window will open to confirm the selected appointment information. Select "Submit Request."

You can utilize the following guide on requesting an appointment in Accommodate for additional support.

Video Demonstration of How to Set Up an Appointment with SAS

Accommodate Guide - Requesting an Appointment (PDF)
Accommodate Guide - Requesting an Appointment (Word)