Student Accessibility Services

Process for Obtaining Alternative Textbooks

The following is the process Student Accessibility Services (SAS) utilizes to obtain alternative textbooks for you, the student:

Step 1. Verify textbook information.

Upon receiving a request for alternative textbooks, SAS verifies that the information for the requested textbooks is correct, including textbook title, ISBN, edition, and publisher. Incorrect information for textbooks can delay obtaining alternative textbooks for you, the student. If any of the information is incorrect or is inconsistent (e.g., the wrong ISBN is listed or the ISBN that was given is missing one or more digits), SAS obtains the correct information through Amazon. If needed, SAS will contact the instructor for the course to confirm the correct information for the textbook.

Step 2. Determine if any of the requested textbooks are available to purchase or rent as eBooks or audio books or can be downloaded through Bookshare.

SAS reviews their list of suggested locations to obtain eBooks and audio books to determine whether a version is available for you, the student, to purchase/obtain. If an eBook or audio book is available for you to purchase either directly from the publisher or an online retailer, you should purchase that version. If you are concerned about whether an eBook or audio book is accessible, you should contact SAS as soon as possible.

Step 3. Determine availability of alternative textbooks through online resources.

Alternative textbooks are requested from the respective publishers. Each publisher has their own process for colleges and universities to request and obtain alternative versions of their textbooks. SAS reviews AccessText Network, Bookshare, and Learning Ally to determine if alternative versions for textbooks are available. If a textbook is available through one of those resources, SAS submits a request to access the files for it. SAS is dependent upon the publisher of the textbook and their time frame for following up with requests for alternative versions.

Step 4. Directly contact the publisher to submit a request for an alternative textbook.

If a textbook is not available through AccessText Network, Bookshare, or Learning Ally, SAS contacts the publisher directly to submit a request for an alternative version. As with requests through the online resources, SAS is dependent upon the publisher of the textbook on when they respond to alternative textbook requests.

Step 5. Create an alternative version of the textbook within SAS.

If SAS is unable to obtain a requested textbook from the publisher, we will create one within the office. In the event that SAS needs to create an alternative version for a textbook, we will work directly with you, the student, to prioritize the needed files throughout the semester. SAS will contact you to confirm that you still need an alternative version of the textbook and request a copy of the syllabus for the course. SAS utilizes the course syllabus in order to provide textbook files as you need them within the course.