Student Accessibility Services

Next Step - Meeting with Faculty

If you are approved for academic accommodations through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), SAS staff will send the Course Accessibility Letter, which is the official notification of accommodations and outlines your access plan, to you and your faculty. This letter is used to inform your faculty and applicable University personnel of your accommodations to support their implementation on campus. It will be sent out during the first week of the upcoming semester or upon approval of academic accommodations.

The following are the required next steps in the accommodation process for you, the student:

Step 1. Log into Accommodate to review and sign your Course Accessibility Letter.
Upon receiving email notification by SAS that your Course Accessibility Letter has been sent to you and your faculty, you should view and electronically sign it within Accommodate. Instructions are available on how to access your Course Accessibility Letter within the student portal.

Step 2. Schedule and attend meetings with each of your faculty to discuss the logistics of how your accommodations will work in their courses.
Contact each one of your faculty to schedule a meeting to discuss your access plan during the second week of the semester or once your Course Accessibility Letter has been sent. The meetings should be scheduled during the faculty's office hours or a separate appointment time - not before or after class. During the meetings, you will discuss the logistics of your accommodation(s) in their courses. For example, if you are approved for distraction-reduced examinations, you will need to determine with your faculty where you are going to taking any quizzes and/or exams in their respective courses.

Step 3. Contact SAS if you have any questions or concerns regarding your accommodations.
If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the accommodations in your access plan, either after your meetings with your faculty or at any point in the semester, including if you want to request changes to your access plan, you need to contact SAS as soon as possible. You can request an appointment with SAS staff through Accommodate or by contacting the office at (319) 273-2677 Relay 711,, or ITTC 007.

Step 4. Contact SAS if you make any changes to your schedule.
If you make any changes to your schedule after you receive your Course Accessibility Letter, you MUST inform SAS staff, so we can send an updated letter to your faculty.