Student Accessibility Services

Sign Language Interpreters

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) will coordinate interpreting and/or transcribing services for students who are D/deaf or hard-of-hearing and registered with the office. Sign language interpreting and transcribing services are available for all University activities.

All interpreters hired by SAS are RID-NAD certified. All CART providers are NCRA certified. Transcribers are trained to use Typewell, C-Print, and/or CART systems. A transcriber provides real-time transcription in the classroom or at events for the student who is D/deaf or hard-of-hearing. The student can view the real-time transcription via a mobile device or laptop from anywhere within the classroom.

When a student has interpreting as a classroom accommodation, SAS will arrange a meeting with the instructor to discuss the layout of the classroom, placement of the interpreter, and discuss any other arrangements related to the class.

In order for the interpreter to provide the best service possible, instructors will be asked to provide a copy of supplementary materials (e.g., hand-outs, copy of PowerPoint presentations, etc.) or information that will enhance student's ability to learn in the classroom to the interpreter. This allows the interpreter to review key words and terms that may be applicable in class. For instructors utilizing eLearning, it may be easier to add the interpreter as a Guest to your class.