Student Accessibility Services

Instructor Feedback Form

Thank you for taking the time to share information with us regarding how a student's accommodations will be met in your course. If you have questions or concerns about the accommodations listed in a student's Course Accessibility Letter, please complete the Instructor Feedback Form and a member of the SAS team will reach out to you to provide more information. This form is intended to provide instructors with a tool for documenting the conversation they have had with a student on how approved accommodations will be implemented in their course. 

Simultaneously, this tool is an opportunity for you to indicate questions or concerns you have about a student's accommodations.

In determining accommodations, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) has knowledge of the student’s accessibility needs yet likely has limited knowledge of your specific course design. As a result, it is possible an accommodation listed in a student's Course Accessibility Letter may not align with course activities or may fundamentally alter the course objectives. In these situations, SAS welcomes questions or concerns regarding the accommodation(s) outlined through the form below or by contacting SAS staff as soon as possible at (319) 273-2677 Relay 711,, or ITTC 007.