Student Accessibility Services

How To Request Alternative Textbooks

Step 1. Obtain required textbook list for all semester courses.

Students with alternative textbooks in their access plans should review the list of required textbooks in MyUNIverse upon enrolling in courses for the upcoming semester. You can view your required textbook list on MyUNIverse by following these steps:

  1. Go to MyUNIverse and sign in using your CATID username and password. It is the same username and password as your UNI email account and eLearning.
  2. Select “Go to my Student Center” in the left hand column.
  3. Under the Academics tab, select “Class Schedule” from the drop-down menu, and select the double arrows button next to it.
  4. Select the specific term you want to view (e.g., Spring 2019).
  5. Select “View Textbook Summary” above the list of classes.

If a course does not have any textbooks listed for it, you should email the instructor of the course to request the information. You can find contact information for your instructors in the UNI Directory. If an instructor is not listed for a course, SAS can contact the department head to learn when an instructor will be selected and if they know what the required textbooks will be for it.

Sample Email for Requesting the Required Textbook List from an Instructor:

Dear [instructor's name],

I am a student in your [Course Code and Title] course for the [Semester and Year] semester who is approved for alternative textbooks and course materials through Student Accessibility Services (SAS). MyUNIverse currently has "Textbooks to be determined," listed for the required materials for the course. Since it can take a considerable amount of time to obtain accessible, electronic versions of the textbooks, I attempt to acquire the textbook information as soon as possible upon enrolling in a course for the upcoming semester. Have you determined the required materials for the course? If so, can you send that information to me? If not, do you know what you will have determined what textbooks we will be utilizing in class? Thank you!

[insert your name]

Step 2. Determine if any of the required textbooks are available to purchase or rent as eBooks or audiobooks or can be downloaded through Bookshare.

SAS provides a list of suggested locations to obtain eBooks and audiobooks. If an eBook or audiobook of a textbook is available for you to purchase either directly from the publisher or an online retailer (e.g., Amazon, VitalSource, etc.) and is accessible, you should purchase that version. If you are concerned about whether an eBook or audiobook is accessible, you should contact SAS as soon as possible. SAS can help you register for a free individual membership to Bookshare, an online library of accessible eBooks for individuals with print disabilities.

Step 3. Submit a request for alternative textbooks to SAS.

You should email with the information for which textbooks you need to request in an alternative version through SAS. You should provide SAS with the textbook title, ISBN, and edition and course code and name to ensure the correct course materials are obtained. Books are obtained by date of request. A delay in submitting a request may delay when alternative textbooks can be provided to you.

Step 4. Provide proof of purchase/ownership to SAS for all alternative textbooks requested each semester.

To receive files for alternative textbooks through SAS, you are required to provide proof of purchase/ownership for your textbooks. You can provide proof of purchase/ownership for your requests at or by coming into the office. SAS will not grant access to the alternative textbooks until proof of purchase/ownership is obtained. If you have questions or concerns about how to provide proof of purchase/ownership for your textbooks, you should contact SAS as soon as possible.

Step 5. Download alternative textbooks via the email notification you receive when the textbooks have been shared through Google Drive.

You will receive an email notification in your UNI email account that your alternative textbooks have been shared with you via Google Drive. The textbooks will only be viewable to you for that semester, and your access to view and download the files will be removed once the semester is over. If you need the same textbook for the following semester (i.e., the textbook is utilized in the second half of a two course sequence), you can submit a request to have access to the textbook restored.