Student Accessibility Services

Exam Accommodations

General Exam Accommodation Procedure

Below are the four actions you, the instructor, and the student must complete for the student to utilize their exam accommodation(s) within your course(s):

Step 1. The student is required to schedule a meeting with you to discuss the logistics for their exam accommodation(s) in the course.

Step 2. You and the student will determine the date, time, and location for where the student will be taking their quiz(zes)/exam(s) for the entire semester. *Students approved for Reader and/or Scribe will always take their exams within Exam Services in ITTC 007.

If the student is approved for extended time on examinations and it is an online course, please contact Continuing Education at (319) 273-7740 or (800) 648-3864 Relay 711 or for assistance in adjusting the timing of tests and quizzes to reflect this accommodation. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) requests that students do not take tests or quizzes without their approved accommodation(s) in place. 

A testing room for a distraction-reduced exam or quiz is provided by the instructor of the course. Exam Services is able to proctor course exams and quizzes for students with exam accommodations. However, instructors should first determine if a space is available within their department. If a space is not available, instructors can work with Exam Services to reserve a testing space for the student. Requests for testing in ITTC 007 will need to be submitted at least one week in advance of the exam or quiz to to ensure a testing space is available. For an online course, it is up to the student to select a testing environment which best meets their accessibility needs.

Step 3. If the quiz/exam will be proctored by Exam Services, you, the instructor, will need to complete and submit the Exam Accommodation Request Form to Exam Services for the student. Instructors should email the Exam Accommodation Request Form to You also may have the student hand carry the form to Exam Services.

Exam Accommodation Request Form (PDF)
Exam Accommodations Request Form (Word)

Step 4. The student should reach out to Exam Services as soon it has been agreed upon that they will be taking the quiz/exam within Exam Services. This will allow Exam Services staff to hold a testing space for them while Exam Services waits for you, the instructor, to provide them with the Exam Accommodation Request Form.

If you have questions on reserving a testing space for and the proctoring of a quiz or exam for a student, please contact Exam Services at (319) 273-3926 Relay 711,, or ITTC 007.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the implementation of a student's accommodations within your course, please contact SAS at (319) 273-2677 Relay 711,, or ITTC 007.

Reader/Scribe Accommodation Procedure

Students utilizing a reader or scribe will take the exam or quiz in Exam Services in ITTC 007. Instructors and students should work directly with Exam Services, including if the course is online and/or the student is taking it from a distance, to arrange for exam proctoring. For questions on reserving a testing space for and the proctoring of a quiz or exam for a student, please contact Exam Services at (319) 273-3926 Relay 711,, or ITTC 007.