Student Accessibility Services

Exam Accommodations

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is committed to providing an equitable testing environment for students. Exam accommodations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Distraction-Reduced Environment
  • Extended Time
  • Assistive Technology (e.g., CCTV, screen-reader software)
  • Accessible Versions (e.g., Word document, large print, Braille)
  • Computer/Microsoft Word for Essay Exams
  • No Scantrons
  • Raised Table
  • Reader and/or Scribe

General Exam Accommodation Procedure

Below are the four actions you and your instructors must complete for you, the student, to utilize your exam accommodation(s) within your courses:

Step 1. Schedule a meeting with your instructor to discuss the logistics for your exam accommodation(s) in their course.

Step 2. Determine the date, time, and location for where you will be taking your quiz(zes)/exam(s) for the entire semester. *Individuals approved for Reader and/or Scribe will always take their exams within Exam Services in ITTC 007.

Step 3. If your quiz/exam will be proctored by Exam Services, your instructor will need to complete and submit the Exam Accommodation Request Form to Exam Services. Instructors should email the Exam Accommodation Request Form to Your instructors may have you, the student, hand carry the form to Exam Services.

Step 4. You, as the student, should reach out to Exam Services as soon it has been agreed upon that you will be taking your quiz/exam within Exam Services. This will allow Exam Services staff to hold a testing space for you while they wait for you or your instructor to provide them with the Exam Accommodation Request Form.

You can contact Exam Services to schedule your quiz/exam at (319) 273-3926 Relay 711,, or ITTC 007. Not all instructors are familiar with this process. It may be helpful to remind your instructor of this requirement and review it with them during your one-on-one meeting in which you discuss the logistics of your accommodations.

Reader/Scribe Accommodation Procedure

Students who are approved for a reader or scribe will have their quiz/exam scheduled during a time when a SAS Student Assistant is available. Depending on the availability at the scheduled time, a student might have one Student Assistant read or scribe for the entire time or the Student Assistant will switch out with a second one partway through the quiz/exam. The student will be notified at the beginning of their quiz/exam if they will have more than one reader or scribe.

In addition to the above process, below are the steps you, SAS, and Exam Services will complete to ensure you, the student, have access to a reader or scribe during your scheduled quiz/exam:

Step 5. Upon scheduling your quiz/exam with Exam Services, you will need to inform Exam Services staff that you want to utilize a reader or scribe. You will need to officially schedule the time for your quiz or exam at least one week in advance for SAS to guarantee that you will have a reader and/or scribe.

Step 6. Exam Services will notify SAS of the need for an available Student Assistant during the scheduled time.

Step 7. Based on student staff availability, SAS will assign a Student Assistant for your quiz/exam. If a Student Assistant or Graduate Assistant is not available during your scheduled quiz/exam, SAS will notify Exam Services. They will work directly with you to reschedule your quiz/exam for another time.

To best ensure you receive your preferred testing time for a course if you will be utilizing a reader or scribe, you should notify Exam Services as soon as possible to reserve a testing space.

Specific Exam Accommodations

Extended Time

Students who require additional time for processing, or who utilize other exam accommodations which would take more time (e.g., reader/scribe, assistive technology) may be eligible for extended time for testing.

Distraction-Reduced Environment

Instructors should first determine if a testing space is available within their department. In selecting a testing space, instructors should note the level of distraction, lighting, desk, chair, and access to applicable testing needs. Examples include empty office, conference room, or designated testing area. If a space is not available, instructors can reserve a testing space for the student in Exam Services. It is the instructor's responsibility to complete the Exam Accommodation Request Form and submit it to Exam Services at least one week in advance of the quiz/exam to ensure a testing space is available.   


Readers are provided through SAS and are trained to read only what is on the printed page. Readers cannot be asked to and/or will not clarify or reword statements. Readers can be asked to repeat information written on the exam and adjust their reading tone, rate, etc., in order to accommodate the student. Students approved for this accommodation will take their quiz/exam at Exam Services.


Scribes will write down verbatim what is dictated to them by the student. Scribes are responsible for spelling and sentence ending punctuation, although the student dictating to the scribe may direct the scribe for any specific spelling or punctuation within sentences. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing thoughts into a final draft. At any time, the student dictating to the scribe have the opportunity to review what has been written either by reading it themselves or having it read aloud to them. If there are corrections, the student dictating to the scribe will direct the scribe to make them.