Student Accessibility Services

Creating an eLearning Account

Upon hiring an interpreter for the first time, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) will complete a Service Hub ticket to request that a University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Blackboard eLearn account be created for them.

In order to create a user account, the interpreter(s) will need to provide SAS with the following: name, email, and phone number.

Once the interpreter(s) UNI Blackboard eLearning account has been created, follow the steps below to log in to the UNI Blackboard Learning System:

  1. Navigate to or select "eLearning" in the header of UNI's homepage.
  2. In the "UNI eLearning Logins" module in the left hand column, select the "Bb LEARN" logo/button.
  3. On the server login page, select the "Non-UNI User Login" link.
  4. Enter your username and password.

For security reasons, it is highly recommended that you change your initial password to a unique, secure value. Utilize the following steps to change your password:

  1. After logging into UNI's Blackboard Learn System, you will be on the "My Institution" page.
  2. Locate the "Tools" module in the left hand column. Select "Personal Information" in that module.
  3. On the "Personal Information" page, select "Change Password."
  4. Complete the given fields, and select the "Submit" button.

After the interpreter(s) have completed the steps above, SAS staff will request from each of the student's instructors to have the interpreter enrolled as a Guest in their Blackboard eLearn courses.