Student Accessibility Services

COVID-19 Questions

The following are answers to common questions regarding COVID-19 and accessibility. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) directly at (319) 273-2677 Relay 711 or


What if I have a chronic health condition and am concerned about in-person classes, living on campus, or academic programming?

Students who have concerns about an underlying health condition(s) and the risks of attending classes, living in a residence hall due to COVID-19, or any other aspect of the educational experience should consult with their health care provider. Please get connected with SAS as soon as possible to discuss accommodations specific to your access needs.

Please contact SAS directly at (319) 273-2677 Relay 711 or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the accommodation process, and a member of the SAS team will follow up with you right away.

I am fearful of getting COVID-19. Do I qualify for support?

If you have fears about COVID-19 related to a medical condition(s), students should get connected with SAS to engage in the accommodations process. Please be prepared to provide medical documentation that supports your fear with a medical condition during this process. During the individualized process, SAS staff will discuss with you options for removing the barrier to access within the educational environment to best meet the student’s accessibility needs.

All students will be required to complete training and the Student Commitment and Acknowledgement of Risk, which includes the following two sentences, "At this time, no one can guarantee an entirely COVID-19-free campus environment. The COVID-19 virus is unpredictable, extremely contagious, and can lead to mild or more severe health effects."

What if I live with someone who has a chronic health condition and am concerned with passing COVID-19 to them? 

Students who are concerned about the risk of attending in-person classes, being on campus, or any other aspect of the education experience due to living with someone with a chronic health condition should connect with the Dean of Students office at or (319) 273-2332 Relay 711. The Dean of Students office will be able to provide guidance and resources, including determining whether any in-person or hybrid courses can be taken online.

​Face Coverings & Vaccination

Am I required to wear a face covering on campus?

The Iowa Board of Regents (BOR) has said face coverings are no longer required for faculty, staff, students, and visitors on campus, but "Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to continue to wear a mask or other appropriate face-covering while on campus."

Am I required to get vaccinated in order to attend the University for the 2021-2022 academic year?

No, faculty, staff, students, and visitors are not required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend any on-campus services, programs, or activities. The University strongly encourages everyone to be vaccinated. 

I am vaccinated and would like to continue wearing a mask. Is that okay?

Yes, individuals who are fully vaccinated can continue to wear face coverings on campus.

I am a student who is D/deaf or hard-of-hearing. To aid in my communication, it’s important that I be able to read lips. My instructor is continuing to wear a face covering during class. What are my options? 

Please connect with SAS, so we can engage in the interactive accommodation process. Potential solutions may be asking the faculty member to wear a face shield, a clear mask, or utilize assistive technology that would aid in communication. SAS has a limited supply of clear masks available for students and their instructors to use. If a clear face covering is not available, consider whether you can use written communication, use closed captioning, or decrease background noise to make communication possible while wearing a cloth face covering that blocks your instructors' lips. Google Live Transcribe is a free Android app that automatically transcribes words that it hears. This might be really useful for those situations when a face shield or clear mask is unavailable. Like in any approved accommodation situation, if your faculty has concerns about any of the alternatives for which you are approved, please contact SAS right away, so we can support you by connecting with your faculty member.

Additional Questions/Concerns Regarding 2021-2022 Plans

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding University plans for the 2021-2022 academic year with COVID-19 safety measures, please refer to the UNI Forward Together website.