Student Accessibility Services

Alternative Textbooks & Course Materials

Student Accessibility Services provides alternative textbooks and course materials to students with disabilities on an individualized basis due to the nature of the disability and the barriers to access experienced within the academic environment. Accessible formats of textbooks and course materials enable students who utilize assistive technology, such as screen readers and text-to-speech software, to have equal access to their courses. Course materials include handouts, PowerPoint presentations, exams, and other written or electronic documents.

It is the responsibility of you, the student, to submit a request for any textbooks or course materials you need in an alternative version for the upcoming semester. SAS will not begin the process of obtaining an alternative version for any textbooks or course materials until your request has been submitted. A delay in submitting a request may delay when alternative textbooks and course materials can be provided. You should submit your requests upon enrollment in courses for the upcoming semester and reviewing the required textbooks and course materials for your classes.

If you no longer need an alternative version of a textbook you requested or you need to request additional textbooks, you should contact SAS as soon as possible. SAS will not know if you change your course schedule for a given semester or the required textbook list in a specific course has been updated unless you contact SAS directly.