Student Accessibility Services

Returning Students: Action Needed to Renew Access Plan

Accommodations are a student-directed process. What does that mean? You are REQUIRED to continually maintain engagement in the interactive accommodation process. 

Step 1: Request accommodations.

Step 2: Meet with SAS staff and create an access plan.

***You have already completed Steps 1 and 2 if you have utilized academic accommodations through SAS in a previous semester.***

Step 3: Notification of your access plan is sent to both you and your faculty. 

Step 4: In order for you to USE your accommodations, your next REQUIRED step is to schedule a meeting with each of your faculty to discuss your access plan. If you need assistance with this required next step, please contact SAS for support.

If you do not complete step 4, you have stopped engaging in the interactive accommodation process. Your approved accommodations will not go into effect until this meeting has taken place. 

It is important that you schedule a meeting with each of your faculty at a mutually agreed upon time to discuss the logistics of your accommodation(s) in their courses.The meetings should be scheduled during the faculty's office hours or a separate appointment time - not before or after class. Some accommodations require time to implement or advanced scheduling (e.g. proctored exams). Same day or short-notice (i.e., less than one week) accommodation use may not be able to be fulfilled. Advance notice is required.

If you haven't already submitted your Semester Request for your next semester courses, you will need to do so in order to provide notification that you are completing Step 3 of the process outlined above. Your faculty will not receive your Course Accessibility Letter if you do not submit your semester request renewal. It will be assumed that you are not utilizing your accommodations until a semester request renewal has been received by SAS. 

If you want to request any changes to your access plan, you need to schedule a meeting with SAS staff. Instructions on how to request an appointment through Accommodate are available on the SAS website. You can also contact SAS directly at (319) 273-2677 Relay 711,, or .

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the contents of this letter and/or submitting a Semester Request for your accommodations, please contact SAS as soon as possible.

In partnership,

Student Accessibility Services Team